Aesthetics Unflawed

Overall Concept

The overall goal for your project was to create a brand that is cohesive across all of your marketing, both print and online. I wanted to ensure your branding makes sense no matter the neighborhood, a brand that can blend between the different cities and work with the varied color schemes and styles between locations. With the colors in your logo now, the steel gray gradient, dark green, and black I worked within these colors while adding more neutrals as well to bring cohesion. By removing the gray in your logo and changing the J, M and MEDSPA letters to the dark green (as seen above) your logo gives off a more high-end feel. Below you can see how the color pallete plays with different colored backgrounds.

Secondary Logo

Your secondary logo’s purpose is to be used when your main logo doesn’t make the most sense in regard to spacing and/or layout. Since it’s in a wide format this can be used on marketing materials and on your website when it fits better than your primary logo.

Wide - Blk Grn@2x


Wide - Lightest@4x


JEM Education@4x
JEM Education - Wide@4x

Brand Icons

Your brand icon is similar to a stamp and can be used on stationary and within your marketing. It’s your brand symbol.

Social Icons

Your social icon can be used as your main social media profile photo and also can be used as a watermark on your photos.


Aesthetics Unflawed


Your overall brand mood is high-end, approachable, polished, modern, and classic with a twist of trendy. Your brand is relatable to all genders and uses a neutral color scheme of green, golds, grays, and creams.


For fonts, I’ve put together three fonts that complement each other, are unique, and high-end. I avoided fonts that were too robust, chunky, or trendy to stand the test of time while tieing in your current logo font.

Header Font

Fawkwang is used for your section headers. It’s a unique font that stands out without being too loud. It has a minimalistic yet high-end vibe that translates well across print and web.

Body Font

Muli is a great font to use for your body text. It’s simple, chic, and modern. Body text is the text that is used in larger paragraphs and informational sections of your marketing.

Accent Font

Hamilton Script

Your accent font is one that creates depth for your brand. I chose a hand lettered font that is carefree & legible. It is elegant while remaining modern and not too feminine.


Hamilton Script



For color, you’ll see below I’ve pulled traditional earthy tones that will work across all of your locations, both current and future. This points to your timeless approach, while also reflecting your gender-neutral, high-end, and approachable brand personality. While the greens take center stage, I’ve used nature focused wood and cream colors to tie in the elements and style of both locations.

Social Media Feed

Below you’ll find different social media posts including: Special event or other announcement, before/after, testimonial, swipe for results, and a video. I’ve kept the posts cohesive and engaging. You’ll want to keep up with this color changing theme with each post (green, neutral, green, neutral, etc.). It’s also important to keep a consistant theme to the types of posts you post and sticking to that social media strategy. These posts can be edited on your phone or laptop using Canva here.

Business Card Design

These cards can be copied and modified to match each person’s info at JEM. Also, www is not needed before a domain and I prefer to remove www whenever possible to keep the design clean.

Email Signature Design

There’s a few options you can choose from for your email signature.

Facebook Cover Photo Design

The photos can be changed to ones of your location, or inside the office, or of your team.

Branded Email Template

The photos can be changed to anything you’d like. Also, all of the text is editable and can be changed to fit the needs of the email.

branding for jem medspa by luxe design co.

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